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Junseung Woo

Studio Director

Public architect, Seoul

M.arch, Licenced in Netherland

Studio Instructor: Yonsei Univ., CAU



University of Pennsylvania, US

Master of Architecture, Graduate in Honor Bronze medal, Arthur Spatd Brooke Memorial Prize


Professional Experiences

2008-2009 UNSTUDIO, Amsterdam

Galleria, Grand Hyatt Frankfurt, Berliner Strasse Munchen, Stern Flagship store


2006-2008 M.FUKSAS, Rome

ShenZhen Airport China, Armani 5th ave. NYC, Phase building Paris, Guggenheim museum Vilnius,

Sheikh Zayed National Museum Abudabi, Gazprom JSC st.petesburg, Palace of Justice France etc..


2005-2006 TEN Arquitectos, NYC

BIFF Cinema complex, Hotel, Residential, Museum, Resort etc..


2004 Rocco limited, Hong Kong

Casino, Hotel in Macau




2014, 서소문밖 유적지 현상설계 당선, Seoul

2012, 2nd Prize, TAKE URBAN in 72, Seoul

2009, 4th Prize, Landmark Design Competition in Korea

2012, Selection, IDP international Design Compeition

2009, Winner, Grand Hyatt Frankfurt, UNSTUDIO2009, Winner, Grand Hyatt Frankfurt, UNSTUDIO

2009, Winner, Dalian stadium China, UNSTUDIO

2007, Winner, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport Competition, m Fuksas arch

2007, Winner, Montpellier Lycee Marianne, m Fuksas arch

2007, Finalist, Mammoth Museum Competition, m Fuksas arch

2007, 4th prize, City of Art and Culture in Besancon competition, m Fuksas arch

2006, Merit Award, UIA International Prehistory Museum Competition

           International Competition for the Design of the Jeongok Prehistory Museum, Personal competition

2006, Bronze medal, Arthur Spayd Brooke Memorial Prize in University of Pennsylvania

           Awarded to graduating students for distinguished work in architectural design

2004, Winner, Dales Portfolio Competition in University of Pennsylvania

2003, Finalist, Professional competition, Hae-in-sa Culture Center, DCA Architect

2002, 2nd Prize, Professional Competition, Public sports complex

2001, Winner, Best Graduate work prize in Sung Kyun Kwan Univ

2000, Outstanding student work prize, Korea Institute of Architecture

1999, 4th Prize, 19th SPACE International student prize

1997, 4th Prize, 17th SPACE International student prize



m.FUKSAS Shenzhen airport


m.Fuksa, montpellier

m.Fuksa, Armani Ginja